My Background

 Retail Expert 

More than 20 years experience in national and international retail. Extensive Knowledge - from apprentice to CEO, from local player to market leaders. Diverse industry experience e. g. gardencenter, sporting goods, fashion, footwear, toys, department stores, cooperatives, etc.
Absolute and honest customer orientation builds the core of successful companies.
Franz Koll

 Brand Strategist 

More than 15 years experience in the international branded goods industry. Professional in Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Product- and Category Management. Extensive knowledge in Brand Management, Sales and Marketing of international brands, from specialized brands to world market leaders.
A product must be more than a name. It has to be convincing, inspiring and must be better. And this permanently.
Franz Koll

 Business Developer 

Professional Business Development. Finding of potentials. National and international sales development. Development of business model. Development and synergy-finding of diverse business areas or related companies/brands. From strategy, vision, mission to an operative implementation. Change- and turnaround Management. Sustainability Management.
No matter if you go for growth or internal strengthening, Business Development is the base for further success.
Franz Koll