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Here you are finding an extract of our service offer for the respective sectors. KOLL Consulting International is strongly focusing on the individual problems, challenges and goals of the client and the service offer will be precisely customized. Insofar is the here presented offer just a rough overview and a glimpse of what we provide.


(Retail, Wholesale, Associated Groups)

  • Strategic Fields (strategy, strategic management, strategic goals, positioning, business model, structure, expansion)
  • Sales (growth in sales and margin, sales efficiency, sales control, sales structure, sales tactics)
  • Assortment (space productivity, brand- and product portfolio, category management)
  • Marketing (plan of action (ATL, BTL, online, POS, PR), budget-check, check of efficiency and effectivity)
  • Purchase (optimization, brand/product, terms- and conditions management, supplier management, strategic purchase)
  • Techniques and methods for performance increase

Industry / Supplier / Brands / License Brands

  • Strategic Fields (strategy, strategic management, strategic goals, positioning, market entry, growth, business model, structure)
  • Brand-Check (brand-status, potentials, competitors)
  • Sales & Distribution (customer-check, potentials, customer- and range segmentation, sales structure, efficiency, growth in sales and margin)
  • Assortment (feeback-organisation, competitor-check, impulses for product management, innovations, potential-analyses)
  • Marketing (brand-positioning, plan of action (ATL, BTL, cooperations, sports-marketing, PR, online, B2B, B2C)

Sports Federations / Sports Clubs

  • Strategy (creation of mission statement, positioning)
  • Sponsor-Management (check, search, coordination)
  • Commercialization & Marketing Concept (check und action plan)
  • Sales & Distribution (check, sales organization, sales expansion)

Management Executives

  • For Owners and Management (owners, supervisory board members, CEOs/Board Members/GMs, C-Level, Business Unit Executives/Directors
    Marketing, Sales, Product, Purchase, etc.)
  • Topics individual according to needs


  • from sports, economy, politics, tourism, science and education
  • Development of ideas and plans on specific subjects with a broader economic relevance
  • Support and execution of specific projects/programs (i. e. networking)
  • Lecturing activities (Lectures on different subjects)

Lecturing activities

  • Lectures and seminars on different subjects for the purpose of information, motivation, food for thought
  • Trainings on specific subjects
  • Round Table discussions
  • Keynote presentations
  • Discussions
  • on request