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Field of activity & philosophy

The clear goal of KOLL Consulting International is to advice and support its clients so that they will become more successful on the market and will reach the defined targets faster, according to the motto „… be better …“. It is about finding potentials, developing the company (brand) further, implement the right structure and have the right strategic direction. Furthermore we help bringing in new innovative ideas and concepts in order to distinguish from the market and ideally lead the category. And it doesn’t matter if a company (brand) is just entering the market, is already established or in a market leading position.

We are a Think-Tank which is helping the company, the brand or the organization to take the next step, reach the next level and be Fit4Future. The focus lies hereby in the fields of Strategy, Strategic Management, Positioning, Sales, Marketing, Brand Management, Product Line Management, Category Management, Purchase, Business Development as well as Business Models. This all we offer for clients in the sectors of trade (retail, wholesale), consumer goods industry, brands, sports federations, sports clubs, licensors, licensees and further institutions.

In order to reach these goals we offer 4 services where we support our clients

  • Strategic Consulting – Strategy, Strategic Management, Positioning, Business Development, Business Model, Vision, Mission, Structure
  • Operative Consulting – Sales, Marketing, Brand Management, Product- and Assortment Management, Category Management, Purchase/Buying
  • Management Coaching – individual Coaching for Management Executives
  • Interim Management – short term takeover of specific positions for a certain period

Furthermore we also offer lectures and seminars on specific topics, trainings, round table discussions, motivational speeches, etc.

For which sectors & costumer groups

Sectors: consumer goods, brands, sporting goods, apparel, fashion, footwear, lifestyle, fitness, health and further similar sectors
Customer Groups: trade (retail, wholesale, associated groups), industry, sports federations, sports clubs, institutions our of sports, politics, economy, science & education, tourism as well as individuals like owners or Management Executives